Toxic Productivity: What is it and How to Deal With it

When the pandemic forced us into quarantine, most people felt pressured to do something meaningful with their “free time”. After all, we didn’t have to commute and were unable to socialize with friends, which meant more time to focus on work. While working from home can be a privilege, it also means longer hours, more stress, more opportunities to burn out and fall victim to toxic productivity. 

There’s a reason that in 2019 The World Health Organization (WHO) included workplace burnout as an occupational phenomenon in its International Classification of Diseases. The experience of working to the point of mental and physical breakdown has become unfortunately acceptable in society. We reward entrepreneurs who work 24/7, praise the students who pull all-nighters before a test. 

Clearer boundaries 

Technology has pushed our boundaries to always be connected, working, or ready to answer any messages even if they are after hours or on the weekend. It has created unrealistic expectations of people’s ability to produce and achieve goals.  

Prioritize your relationships 

Productivity can become so addicting that, without realizing it, you start to lose meaningful relationships. 

Setting healthy work boundaries does not mean that you are lacking work ethics or are not committed to your job. You shouldn’t be feeling guilty about taking time to eat, sleep, take bathroom breaks. If your workload is impacting your ability to relax, feel accomplished, or satisfied, you might be suffering from toxic productivity, and it could be affecting your relationships with others and your health. 

Prioritize being intentional with the important people in your life. Plan events with your friends, set up a weekly FaceTime schedule with your family friends. Take the time to be present. 

Be nice to yourself 

It can sound like a cliché you’ve heard a thousand times, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Stop comparing yourself to others, unrealistic expectations can make you feel more anxious and desperate to produce even more

Are you suffering from work productivity? How are you handling it? 

Are you suffering from work productivity? How are you handling it? Tell me your story, send me a DM on Instagram @lauraleebotsacos

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