I embrace the ideology that each trajectory along my journey has contributed to my unique and multifaceted background.

As a former professional actress in television and film, my performances quite literally set the stage for things to come. After appearing in commercials for global brands and critically-acclaimed TV shows, I transitioned to the automotive industry, becoming the very first female KIA dealer in the state of New Jersey and spearheading community outreach initiatives, bringing awareness to issues such as domestic violence and giving a voice to those muffled by society.

I soon discovered my true passion: helping others shed their insecurities and discover:

This mindset, coupled with the progression of my personal growth, inspired me to create my own skincare brand, Apollo & Artemis Beauty
By Equality®.

A blend of creativity with business intellect, and a nod to my Greek heritage, my skincare line empowers people to embrace their perfectly imperfect selves, and aligns with my clean lifestyle as a cancer survivor.

“Once a woman learns the art of the beauty of sales, her world explodes, her fear is her best friend, there is no room for mediocrity. She is paid what she deserves, her earnings are in alignment with her self worth, she is fiercely independent and nurtures her relationships. And that is a beautiful thing”

“We all have a story.  Are you ready to harness the power of yours?” – LLB