Find the Right Team to Make Your Business Succesful

As an entrepreneur, sure you know how this dynamic goes. You get a compelling résumé online, schedule a call or a coffee date -in pre-pandemic years- and then decide upon your first impression of the candidate. And maybe they work great with the rest of the team! Or you might hire someone who, a few months in, misses important deadlines or resigns to start their own business

How can we find the right fit for the team?

While it is important to evaluate technical skills, you’ll need to get to know their mindset, values, and personal goals. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare beforehand and be ready to find what you are looking for in the conversation. 

Luckily, we gathered a few tips to avoid common mistakes and find the right fit for your team. 


  • Assess your needs 

To hire the right person it is necessary to detail what you need. What are your team’s values and goals? What type of individuals fit in? Having a clear list of technical and soft skills you require will help you hire more precisely. 

  • Post detailed job descriptions 

Save time and avoid miscommunications by writing a well-thought job description. This way, candidates can prepare a list of relevant experiences to discuss. 

In the interview:

  • Be creative! 

Most candidates will have planned answers to common questions. Get out of the box and tailor two or three specifics to the job to understand how this person thinks. 

  • Bring a challenge 

You can ask them about a specific problem and how to solve it. Start with a job-related situation, maybe add details of scale, dates, resources, budget, or risks. This way you can evaluate their thought process and experience. 

  • Ask for feedback 

It’s probable the candidate will work within a team. Let them participate! Their feedback can help you enrich your perception and make the smartest decision. 

Do you have any other tips to hire the right team? Send me a DM on Instagram @lauraleebotsacos and let’s talk about it! 

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