Delegate Like a Pro: 3 Tips To scale Your Business

Entrepreneurs are used to doing everything by themselves. And that’s not a bad thing! But you need to focus on the future of your business, and that means you need to learn how to delegate daily tasks and responsibilities. 

While it may be difficult at the beginning, you can always rely on these tips: 

Build the right team

It’s hard to trust your business to strangers. Take the time to do interviews and select the people you want to work with. It’s not only a matter of skills but also values, expectations, and cultural fit. Get to know your team and try to bond with them. 

Once you have a trusting support net, it’ll be easier to delegate tasks and carry on.

Clear the path and provide instructions 

Avoid mistakes by writing down a roadmap and clear instructions for every task. Schedule quick calls to discuss and raise any questions about them. This will also help keep track of responsibilities, processes, and deadlines. 

Moreover, empower your team to take ownership of their work. Delegation is not micromanagement. Give them a space to solve problems and grow. 

Find the right tools

Technology is key to delegating tasks. Nowadays, you can choose between different platforms to keep track of assignments and communicate. Not sure which one is better? Try Asana or Trello to start. These are easy-to-learn tools for organizing your business. 

Experiment, analyze, and try new apps until you find the right one for your team. Once you have a general vision of everything that’s happening, you’ll be able to let go of control and delegate. 

However, the biggest thing you need to work on is your mindset. Learn from peers and famous entrepreneurs, and listen to their stories. Delegate tasks are crucial to expanding your endeavors. You’ll have more time to focus on the big picture, find new clients, and exploit new skills. 

Do you have any other tips to delegate like a pro? Send me a DM on Instagram @lauraleebotsacos and let’s talk about it! 

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