I Created My Own Clean Beauty Brand, 5 Lessons I Learned

Have you ever dreamt about your own clean beauty line? Products designed for and by people like you, made with nutrient-rich ingredients, and clinically tested benefits? Well, I have. That’s how Apollo & Artemis was created. 

It started with an idea, and later on, with much work and effort, it became a business. It’s not easy! But not impossible, either. I’m here to cheer you on and save you time by sharing the top 5 lessons I learned along the way. 

Find your niche

While the market for women-owned beauty brands is small, it’s still very competitive. I needed to find my tribe. Who is buying my products? What do they need? How can I differentiate my concept from others? 

Offering a branch of specific products may feel counterintuitive, but in the long run, helps you to grow faster. 

Layout the foundations

Always think big. In the beginning, I tried to deliver personalized orders, but it became unmanageable once we started selling more products. That’s when I started to standardize everything. Lines, packaging, and shipping. 

While the ability to adapt is important, having clear guidelines and processes will help you scale your business easily.

Hire a legal team

I wish someone told me how important it is to have a good lawyer when starting a business! My advice is to register your operations and secure business insurance first. 

A lawyer will not only help you to keep track of fiscal obligations, but they will manage future work contracts, brand partnerships, and more. 

Build a brand strategy

Don’t waste time posting about your products on Instagram without a plan. Now you can access different marketing courses -some even for free– to learn the basics. Draw a strategy with its goals and deadlines, try it out, and measure results. 

Take advantage of social media and translate the voice of your brand into the digital world. Creativity is always appreciated by the public! 

Look out for mentors in the clean beauty industry

Creating a new brand, it’s a matter of trial and error. But when you listen to other entrepreneurs’ experiences, you can avoid some common mistakes. 

Welcome advice from people you admire. It helps if they have expertise in the same business, but wisdom comes in many ways, so try to stay open. 

And this is just the beginning!  Do you want to know more about starting your own clean beauty brand? Send me a DM on Instagram @lauraleebotsacos, and let’s talk about it! 

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